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Kissing is better

Hello, and welcome to my journal. My name is Sue. I'm Canadian. My hobbies include reading, writing and being ridiculous. Issues I have are a chronic failure to post and a battle versus laziness which I am currently mired in and losing.

This is primarily a fannish kind of place. This is both a warning and a welcome!

I write fanfiction and I'm not as good at it as I could be, but I hope to get better. Anything posted within this journal, save my personality, is open to criticism and I will do my best to see both sides of any non-hate fueled argument. 

I love many many things. So let's talk!

Friending policy: My journal is open to friending or defriending by anyone. Please never hesitate to comment!

Things I will always be up for talking about:
Other awesome things 


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